Farming hemp with GTSMART Researchers

GTSMART researchers are looking into ways that of building future housing developments with Hemp. In spite of the information out in the public domain being limited GTSMART researchers have found different ways to lower housing development fees.

GTSMART researchers are looking at finding farms all over Australia and other parts the world to grow hemp. If GTSMART can lower the cost living by building homes and huts, we would look at marketing the project within the next 4 to 6 years.

Here is a short list of the different projects the GTSMART researchers are looking at:

  • BIO Hemp Fuel
  • 3D Hemp Thread
  • Hemp Clothing
  • Pre-cast Hemp Panels
  • Industrial Building Materials

GTSMART Researchers are looking at numbers of ways that hemp may be used. GTSMART Researchers are looking into other ways people like yourselves are using hemp .

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