#GAPS: Follower UNITE for #Doubleday Press Statement 2

Hello Good People

GTSMART is writing this post to tell you all we need to UNITE as ONE on two levels! GTSMART team has one Silent Facebook Group for Wiki Detectives operating with the assistance of volunteers and another public Facebook  Group called - Let their voices be heard DBD .

GTSMART needs to work as a decentralised group spread worldwide .  Cassie Doubleday's social media and supporter websites need to be centralised as the Australian Federal Police Special Forces have agreed to arrange for the#TwinsCase to be RE INVESTIGATED . 
Cassies lawyer , herself and members of her immediate family have requested us to halt our social media campaign against her ex husband MW . I ( #TimmyHolt ) have agreed to this . 
The GTSMART network will now concentrate on the battle ahead  and take further action with the #CassieDefenceFund . 
The battle for Cassie Doubleday is now twofold - the Federal Criminal Court AND the Family Court . Her future well being is paramount . We all need to pull together and unite now as one group . 
Wiki Detectives have centralised and collated all the videos , documents and evidence which have now been forwarded to the Australian Federal Police for their own action . 
Chairman Timmy Holt has also recently undergone a 9 hour interview with the police on the #DoubledayCase . 
We have waited 4 years for a response from Malcolm Turnbull and now that we have his attention we wish to give a voice to the voiceless ! We ask that you no longer forward evidence , documents or videos to us direct . Rather , anonymously ,  forward to the joint email address we have with the AFP -- AFP@wikidetectives.com.au 
All emails sent to our email regarding this case will automatically be forwarded to the Australia Federal Police Special Forces Head Agent in it's original format as the AFP are now familiar with how #GTSMART Communications Neworks operate . 
If you can help, please share the Defence Fund for Cassie Doubleday link (Click Here)
Thank you 
Wiki Detectives

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