GAPS: #TimmyHolt Interview With AFP Special Forces

Press Statement

To those of you interested in the the recent incidents between myself and the Australian Federal Police regarding Cassie Doubleday and the Watter Twins as well as the Grandmother Ann Greer and her grandson I am currently sitting by the water's edge writing about and reviewing my 9 hour interview with the Australian Federal Police Special Forces.
The gentlemen from the Australian Federal Police were as professional as they come and certainly not what I was expecting. They were courteous and business like and I have no issue with them over how I was treated.

Whoever directed them my way did the right thing ( for a change ) as we now have a RE INVESTIGATION into the Cassie Doubleday and missing Watter Twins case which we have been pushing for and requesting to happen for the last four years !

The Grandmother Ann Greer and her grandson is a recent case that we took upon ourselves to expose and we thank them for their interest in that case as well.

Yesterday I sat with two special agents from the Australian Federal Police for close on 9 hours going through the details of these cases and discussing the way forward on the two matters referred to above.

I have the audio of this interview in a safe place and will upload it to the internet in the event a RE INVESTIGATION is not carried out and said RE INVESTIGATION is not carried out with the " assistance "of David Miles from the Townsville Police . He and Judge Coker are predominant in both of these cases .
You may have some questions on how GT SMART operates and in a nutshell it is a silent network which correlates evidence from wherever and whomsoever . Said evidence is then utilised to help us in putting together the cases we are currently dealing with for presentation to the authorities.

GTSMART is a cyber intelligence program designed to work closely with , and in support of , intelligence agencies around the world , as is evidenced by our cooperation with the Australian Federal Police Special Forces in these two cases .
GTSMART assists us in talking to witnesses and informants. GTSMART collects updates and formats evidence on a regular basis working within multiple data bases. This assembling of evidence assists us in apprehending ,arresting and submitting suspects and criminals to the court process thus resulting in ( hopefully ) successful convictions .

GTSMART currently runs various websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages which assist our cyber investigative agency's platforms in cooperating with assorted law enforcement officials worldwide in their pursuit of convictions in child sexual abuse as in the #DoubledayCase.

In the past perpetrators may have gotten away with their misdeeds but no longer thanks to GTSMART. We use our cyber platforms to best advantage as we do not rely on third part evidence or hearsay . We work within our cyber platforms in complete silence and security to obtain the best results.

In addition to the above , Wiki Detectives has a cloud communications platform operating as a service company based in New South Wales on the Central Coast.

GTSMART allows individuals from all walks of life to programmatically make and receive telephone calls , send and receive text messages, create websites with one click . You have access to in excess of 500 000 plug ins and templates allowing you to create unlimited emails using it's web service APIs.
GTSMART offer a Facebook page ( private group ) for local social crowd support for all your self-learning ,brainstorming and follow up support needs.
GTSMART also offer a toll-free service 1800 WIKILEAKS should you need to talk to an operator .

Please be advised that Wiki Detectives have closed down the Watter Twins website and all the Cassie Doubleday private groups bar two of them . The one we cannot mention and the other is a free standing group called Let Her Voice Be Heard.
We are still managing the Twins campaign and the silent data bases are still open but not to the public.
Wiki Detectives has BEGGED for a RE INVESTIGATION into this case for years now and we finally have our wish !

So let the Australian Federal Police carry out the RE INVESTIGATION and let us wait and see whether or not we need to publicise my interview which in itself will expose and names and actions or should I say lack of action at the top !

If you the public , have any further evidence please feel free to send copies to the Australian Federal Police Special Forces at

In the interim we wish to advise the Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and the Attorney General that they are being CLOSELY watched and we mean CLOSELY !

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  • Ann Greer on

    Thanks for the info ,let’s hope the authorities do their job and rectify their stuff ups ,the CCC has also been approached to reinvestigate my grandsons case ,so fingers crossed the authorities show competence taking into account that while these children will be intimidated by their fathers in what they can and can’t say ,I for one seriously fear for my grandsons life everyday as well as the sexual and emotional abuse that he has sadly been exposed too .There is so much of this going on and the public demands it to stop and be investergated .

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