About GTSMART Agency

We collect and collate information in solving crime . We talk to witnesses and informants .  We collect physical evidence and update our evidence on a regular basis within multiple data bases . All of this assists us in apprehending and arresting criminals to enable us to have them convicted in a court of law .

Our GTSMART Agency  website , Twitter and Facebook pages assist our cyber investigative agency in co operating with law enforcement agencies when and where necessary regarding sex offences  , in particular child sexual abuse .  #GAPS supplies these agencies with  relevant information thus helping to secure convictions where the perpetrators have gotten away with it in the past !.

We do not rely on third party evidence and hearsay . Trust no one outside of our silent circle as we use our cyber platforms to best advantage .  Never trust or rely on outside individuals talking about us as we are a silent circle working via our cyber platforms to enable us to reach the best results.

GTSMART Agency has a cloud communications platform as a service company based in NSW, Central Coast, Australia. GTSMART Agency allows all walks of life to pro-grammatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages, create website with one click, access to 500,000+ plugins and templates, creating unlimited encrypted emails using its web service APIs.

We offer a Facebook (private group) for local social crowd support for all your self -learning, brainstorming and follow support needs, we also offer a toll-free service +611800UNSEEN if you would like to speak to live operator. 

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